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The UK’s Widest Range of Impulse Heat Sealers

Hand Sealers

Heat sealers are used to seal a wide range of packaging products from food, pharmaceutical, hardware and other materials into thermoplastic bags. The heat sealed packaging ensures that your product is tamper proof, air and water tight and hygienic. There are two basic technologies for heat sealing machines; Impulse Heat Sealers and Constant Heat Sealers both types of machines are available as a hand heat sealer, portable hand held sealer, foot heat sealer, industrial heat sealer and band sealers.

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse heat sealing machines have one or two heating elements which are covered by a layer of PTFE or Teflon fabric type material which prevents the bag sticking to the sealer.

The heating elements are not continuously heated; heat is only generated only when the jaws are closed and current flows. When the bag is placed in the impulse heat sealer, the jaws are closed and pressure maintained for the time of the seal (while the light is on). Then pressure is held for about 2 seconds to allow the seal to cool.

Hand sealers are great for low usage and in some cases for medium usage they don’t take up much space and can be moved around easily. Many of the hand sealers incorporate the Impulse, With Cutter

Direct Heat Sealers

The jaws of direct heat sealers or constant heat sealers heat up to pre set temperatures and are better suited for bags and packaging products having different properties and melting points, such as; foils (side gusseted foil coffee pouches), waxed, coated papers, cellophane and polypropylene laminates. Many direct heat sealers are Crimp Heat Sealers giving a deeper seal of more than 10mm and are for increased strength.

Featured Products - Hand Sealers

PSH302 Hand Operated Impulse Heat SealerPSH302 Hand Operated Impulse Heat Sealer

£57.99  £49.99
Sale: £46.39
Save: 20% off

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Size: Seal Length 300mm (12") x 2mm Seal width.  The simplest and most economical type of seal…

Audion Eco Sealer 400mm with CutterAudion Eco Sealer 400mm with Cutter

Sale: £128.03
Save: 50% off

Sold Out

Eco Impulse Heat Sealer Seal width: 3 mm Seal length: 400 mm 3-4 seals per minute Machine is equ…

Audion SealKid 620mmAudion SealKid 620mm

£432.00  £305.00
Save: 29% off

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Seal width: 3 mm  Seal length: 620 mm Industrial Impulse Sealer   IP 30 3-4 seals per …

Monthly Specials For October

PSH202V 200mm Value Hand bagsealer
PSH202V 200mm Value Hand bagsealer
£35.99  £25.19
Save: 30% off
Futura Portable 150C
Futura Portable 150C
£118.00  £88.00
Save: 25% off
Futura Portable 150B
Futura Portable 150B
£119.00  £88.00
Save: 26% off