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Impulse Heat Sealers

Most heat sealers in use today come in the form of impulse sealers. These sealers can be used with Polypropylene (PP), Polythene and polyethylene (PE, HDPE, LLDPE) based materials and are frequently used to seal poly bags. The sealers take their name from the way they use an impulse of electricity which heats the metal wire, resulting in one side of the bag being melted into the other.  It’s important to make sure the sealer is held closed for double the length of the impulse to allow the seal to cool, to ensure the seal is strong enough. The whole sealing cycle lasts for between one and two seconds, when the seal is completed, and the sealer is not is use the element cools down and no power is used.


Choosing a Sealer

The length of the seal should be at least two centimetres longer than the bag length, hand sealers and most foot pedal operated impulse sealers have a single element on the lower face and these are generally suitable for most thinner materials of up to 125 micro or 500 gauge. Double impulse sealers have heating elements on the top and bottom so both sides of the bag are melted to one another and bags of extra thickness can be sealed of up to 150 micro or 1000 gauge, they may also be suitable for foil based and other types of laminate bags. 

Impulse heat sealers fall into two main categories; hand and foot-operated machines. Hand sealers are generally smaller they are better suited to lower usage and light weight packages due to the amount of handling.  Foot pedal sealers allow both hands to be free to hold the product then they are better suited to higher usage and heavier products.


Meeting Your Needs

At Packsealer, we have years of experience to draw upon when it comes to supplying impulse bag sealers, including impulse heat sealers with a cutter and impulse spares. One of the differences between impulse sealers and other sealers is that they do not need to be warmed up before you can use them. They also cool down quickly once sealing is complete, which means the chances of becoming burned are small. They can also be used to seal polypropylene materials and coated bags, foil, padded mailers, bubble packs and more.


Caring for Your Sealer

Impulse sealers with cutters are often used to seal bags of poly tubing so bags of differing lengths can be produced. There are many different types of impulse sealers available to you, and these include foot or pedestal sealers, hand sealers, double impulse sealers, sealers with cutters, automatic sealers and continuous bend sealers. Carrying out regular maintenance will enable you to prolong the life of your sealer. Things you can do to keep your impulse sealer in great condition include replacing the heating wire, PTFE cover and the silicon pressure pads line with the manufacturer’s instructions.


How We Can Help

At PackSealer, we offer a wide range of impulse heat sealers to meet a variety of requirements, budgets and preferences. You are welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about the products that we supply or need assistance with selecting the right type of impulse heat sealer. We have a vast product range and are proud of our exceptional customer service standards. We can help you identify the right solution if you’re not sure whether a direct heat or impulse heat sealer is required by talking to you about your speed, seal width and maximum sealing requirements as well as the materials that you are working with. You can always send us your bag samples for us to test on our range of sealers. 


Talk to Us Today

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