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you PACK it - we SEAL it

Flexible Packaging

At PackSealer we innovate Flexible Packaging Solutions to meet customer requirements in the most cost effective and efficient way.  We manufacture to order with or without printing, we don't stock pouches and our minimum order quantity can by around 50,000.

Our objective is to provide customers with Flexible Packaging Solutions which will benefit them to become more competitive in the market place. 
PackSealer can custom manufacture a wide range of flexible packaging solutions in film or foil with quality gravure printing, impressive and functional by design. We offer a range of pre-formed formats: Stand Up (sometimes called doypacks) pillow pouches, side gusset Pouches. With zip tops or spouts if required.
The StandUp pouch can be easily adapted to almost any size from 50ml up to 5 litres and are available in foil and film materials to suit virtually any application including materials suitable for Retorts.
 Value for money! 
 en compared to traditional packaging materials like cans and bottles The Stand up pouch offers an economical packaging solution with additional benefits:
Reduced packaging weight by around 70% = Lower shipping costs
Reduced storage space = Lower warehouse costs
= Reduction in waste volume
Empty pouches occupy up to 97% less space than rigid alternatives!
The pillow pouch or 3 side weld pouch offers impressive product presentation with superior graphics from gravure printing.  A zipper top or even a spout can be added to your the PackSealer pillow pouch.
Zip Top
The re-sealable zipper top pouch is ideal for dried or less flowable products where it is necessary to re-seal after opening. The wide open allows unrestricted access to the product, such applications are for dried foods, pet food, bath salts, etc.
 The Spout Pouch
PackSealer's latest innovative, the Spouted Pouch with Screw Cap, Flip Top or Push Pull are available in a whole range of sizes and colours to suit many different applications.
The functional easy to pour spout can be applied to many products and the many different designs of closures with screw caps of different sizes, push pull, tamper evident and aseptic.
These pave the way for further future developments of the standup pouch and a rapidly increasing market share.
The side gusset pouch seen here used for coffee incorporating the coffee valve.
 Could you give your product the
Flexible Edge?



Did you know:
Empty pouches occupy up to 97% less space
than rigid alternatives