Sealboy Magneta 620 SBM

Sealboy Magneta 620 SBM

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This sealboy magneta 620 mm wide manually operated impulse machine is ideal for packing all kinds of products in a limited work space. The sealing time is adjustable with a timer. When the upper jaw is closed, the magnetic interlock ensures that the seal pressure is maintained until the sealing and cooling process is complete. When using tubular foil, it is possible to make different bag sizes using the shielded cutting device to trim off any excess foil length. The Sealboy Magneta 620 comes in various models and a range of different sizes, each with a selection of accessories. The machine can work with all types of thermoplastic films (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and thin laminates).

Technical specifications
620 SBM
Seal length  620 mm
Seal width  3 mm
Film thickness  2 x 200micron
Voltage  230 V/50-60 Hz
Power 575 W
Dimensions  85x20x26 cm
Weight  12 kg

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Weight 30 kg