Foot Sealers

Foot pedal operated heat sealers are great for low-medium usage they allow sealing to be operated with hands free to aid lifting or positioning your product. Most come with a floor stand and the working height is around 77cm so the operator can sit down or stand up. The seal width is wider than the hand sealers at 5mm giving a more aesthetic finish.
Double heat Impulse Sealers have a heating element on both the top and bottom jaws which makes these sealers suitable for thicker material. 150µ to 250µ (600 to 1000 gauge) and some foil pouches or bags.
The jaws of direct heat sealers or constant heat sealers heat up to pre set temperatures and are better suited for bags and pouches products having different properties and melting points, such as; foils (side gusseted foil coffee pouches), waxed, coated papers, cellophane and polypropylene laminates. These make a deeper seal of 10mm and are crimped for increased strength.
UK made Hulme Martin sealers HM offer some more specialised sealers for applications such as medical, security, heavy duty.
European made Audion for specialised applications including the very high automated continuous sealers.
Star Universal Heat Sealers, UK made heat sealers offer some more specialised sealers for applications with a precise level of control – such as probe type vacuum sealers, medical, security, heavy duty.