Hand Sealers

Hand Sealers

Hand operated heat sealers are a great entry level to heat sealing for low and light duty usage up to 200 seals per day. In some cases the sealers can be used for medium usage. Hand sealers and table top mounted, don’t take up much space and can be moved around easily.

The bag is held with one hand and the sealer arm is pressed down to seal.  Most had sealers are impulse sealers where a time for heating is set. The light will illuminate when the sealer is heating. Once the light goes out the arm should be held closed for a short time to allow the seal to cool.

The impulse sealers are recommended for thermo plastics like polythene and polypropylene under 120u.

As hand sealers are low power the element wire is normally 2mm or 3mm wide. Covered by Teflon (PTFE).  The Teflon must be replaced when it blackens or burns through.

The seal length ranges from 200mm up to 500mm and even some models even go to 1000mm. Manual cutter knives are available on some models.

A hand sealer to seal foil or craft bags then the constant heat crimp hand held heat sealers should be considered.  These heat up to a pre set temperature and if used on thermoplastics then the bag material will melt onto the jaws.