HM 1300 E Spares Kit Bundle

HM 1300 E Spares Kit Bundle

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Spares Kit Bundle for HM1300E Heat Sealer:
5 x Self Adhesive Barrier Tape
5 x Element Wire
5 x Underwire Insulation Tape
1 x Rubber Pressure Pad
Hulme Martin Sealers are supplier directly from Hulme Martin. The price indicated may vary dependent on the specific requirements.
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Hulme Martin

Hulme Martin Heat Sealers UK Manufactured High Quality heat sealers. Please note that Hulme Martin UK Heat Sealers may have to be made to order and are not stocked by PACKSEALER. With over 60 years experience in manufacturing Sealing machines Hulme Martin offer UK Heat Sealers, Impulse Sealers, Bag Sealers, Sack Sealers, Vacuum Sealers, Stand Up Pouch Sealers, Tube Sealers and many more. Hulme Martin industrial impulse sealers are easy to service with heater bar assemblies and rubber pressure pads that can simply be 'unplugged or press fitted to ensure maintenance time minimised. Consumable spares are kept at a low cost to ensure customers do not have large servicing bills. The constant heat crimp sealer is used throughout the world due to its ease of operation and reliability. Bag sealers are manufactured from steel with a stove hammer finish providing excellent durability. Dual electronic timers ensure reliable sealing and ease of use. Industrial plastic bag heat sealers offer a good return on investment. Please check with PACKSEALER for delivery information prior to ordering.

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