Battery Powered Strapping Tool 12mm

Battery Powered Strapping Tool 12mm

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The  ORXT12 18V 12mm Lithium-ion battery powered strapping tool with flexible settings:   Wide tension range and compatible with PP and PET strapping.  The ORXT12 is one of the fastest battery powered strapping tools on the market –  the strap is tensioned, sealed and cut in under 3 seconds.

This automatic single button function battery powered friction weld strapping tool provides a high quality tension and seal, and maximises productivity, increasing presentational look and securing boxes and pallets much better than using standard hand tools, as well as reducing labour costs.

Packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates can be safely strapped. Strap feeding is extremely simple, with both straps being inserted together. The OTVX has an high tension range and applies up to 250kg. The flexible sealing mode allows you to choose from semi automatic or single button fully automated operation.

  • Easy and fast operation
  • Digital touch screen panel
  • Brushless motor technology
  • Simple adjustment for different straps
  • Bosch® high capacity 81v rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Bosch® battery charger
  • Strap width range 11-13mm
  • Strap tension range 40-250kg
  • Strap thickness range (PP) 0.55-1.05mm
  • Strap thickness range (PET) 0.50-1.05mm
  • Machine weight 4.3kg
  • Use – Hand Pallet Strapping – 12mm Polyprop and 12mm Polyester
  • Machine Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Machine Dims: 350 x 157 x 160 w x d x h (mm)
  • Strap Widths (mm): 12mm
  • Min/Max PP Thickness: 0.6mm – 1.05mm
  • Min/Max PET Thickness: 0.5mm – 1.05mm
  • Min/Max Tension: 40-250 kg (Strap Dependent)
  • Speed/Cycle: 3 secs (@50Hz if applicable)
  • Power Requirement: 100-240v 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 140w
  • Cycles per Charge: up to 400
  • Charge Time: 30 mins




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