Pacplus Hand Impulse Heat Sealer

Pacplus Hand Impulse Heat Sealer


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The PACPLUS heat sealer is a high quality sealer. Sealing up to 2 x 120mu (500g) polythene. These impulse heat sealers make sealing polythene quick and easy. PACSEAL Polyethylene Bag and polythene Tubing Impulse Heat Sealer provides a watertight and airtight seal on flat and gusseted polythene bags or polythene tubing with no warm-up and no hot or cold spots.
Seal width 3mm
Usage guide Light Duty – up to 200 seals per shift.
Available in 4 sizes:
Seal Length               Standard              With Cutter
200mm                     O-IS200                  O-IS200C
300mm                     O-IS300                  O-IS300C
400mm                     O-IS400                  O-IS400C
500mm                     O-IS500                  O-IS500C

Hand Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealers are one of the most popular type of heat sealers. These have one heating element which is covered by a layer of PTFE or Teflon,  a fabric type material which prevents the bag sticking to the sealer. The heating element is not continuously heated; heat is only generated only when the jaws are closed and current flows. When the bag is placed in the impulse heat sealer, the jaws are closed and pressure maintained for the time of the seal (while the light is on). Then pressure is held for about 2 seconds to allow the seal to cool. Normally if your material is a clear thermoplastic plastic bag, if it is less than 125µ (125 micron or 500 gauge) and you require to seal two layers then these impulse sealers are likely to be the right one.

Hand sealers are great for low usage and in some cases for medium usage they don’t take up much space and can be moved around easily. The seal length is up to 500mm and the seal width is of this range is 2mm. These also come with optional cutters.

Spares Kits available here:
Pacplus Hand Heat Sealer Spares Kit | PackSealer

Universal Spares Kit for PAC SEAL heat sealers.

Seal Length             Standard                                              With Cutter
Sealer         Kit                                     Sealer            Kit
200mm                    O-IS200    O-KIT200                        O-IS200C    O-IS2KIT
300mm                    O-IS300    O-KIT300                        O-IS300C    O-IS3KIT
400mm                    O-IS400    O-KIT400                        O-IS400C    O-IS4KIT
500mm                    O-IS500    O-KIT500                        O-IS500C    O-IS5KIT


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Optimax offer a number of high quality heat sealers, divided into three distinct ranges, PacSeal, ProSeal and OptiSeal. Each product range satisfies varying application criteria, based upon light, medium and heavy duty for both frequent and occasional use.