Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer


Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer

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AD549 High Performance Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer

This is robust stainless steel Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer is specially designed for continuously sealing of larger bags made of heavy bag material. It can be supplied with a motorised or mechanical support for adjusting the seal height to suit the bag length and a conveyor, all to offer you a high performance and user-friendly industrial packaging solution.

By using PTFE / Teflon belts, most packaging materials can be sealed, such as foil laminates, polyethylene, polypropylene and cellophane. The sealing temperature is adjustable up to 250°C.

Touch screen with pre-set seal programmes:
The digital control panel (Audion Touch Techware) easily stores setups for every product, including:  speed, sealing temperature and even machine height (with optional motorised support). Up to 50 seal programmes can be stored, facilitating to have the correct seal settings available for each product.

The AD549 Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer enables both the rapid change over of  production when sealing different sized bags and minimalized production losses using the standard Audion Touch Techware. Sealing temperature, cooling, throughput speed and machine operation height can all be adjusted to meet a variety of packaging applications, film types and bag sizes. The ideal settings for each bag-size / film type can be stored in up to 50 unique seal parameter programmes including the machine height when combined with a motorized support.

Your AD549 packaging solution is capable of producing high-quality hermetic seals in a wide range of pouch and bag materials, with consistency and repeatability and with a respectable production speed of up to 20 meters per minute.

AD549 will continuously produce a safely, quickly and presentably packaged end result combined with the highest possible level of user comfort and efficiency.

Customise the AD549 Vertical Industrial Continuous Sealer

Hygiene and product presentation

With the automatic cutting device the excess film above the seal can be cut off. This reduces the chance of dirt/dust accumulating in the bag opening and guarantees the best possible product presentation.

Motorised support stand and conveyor

The AD549 offers the possibility to be installed directly over your existing conveyor system or to install it on a mechanical or an automatic/motorized support frame. This enables you to configure the ideal setup for production.

Extra seal power for complex laminate films

Double heating elements can be installed when sealing thick paper laminates or aluminum laminates. Double heating elements allow a faster speed without loosing seal quality, ensuring a strong and airtight seal at all times.

Extra wide seal

The standard seal is 12 mm, the AD549 can be supplied with an optional 20 mm seal. The extra seal width ensures more strength around the hole and provides a safely packed end result.


Audion D549 AD549 Band Sealer Specifications

    Seal width:    12 mm (20 mm optional)
    Max seal temperature:    250 °C
    Min. bag length:   103 mm
    ax. bag length:  1208 mm
    Max. bag weight:     25 kg
    Product feed:     right to left
    Type of machine:      Continuous sealer, Semi automatic
    Material:      Stainless Steel
    Knife:   Optional
    Type of films:    Cellophane, Laminate, Ready Made Bags, PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene)
    Thickness of film:      2 x 300 micron (min. 2 x 20)
    Sealing speed:    Max. 20 meter per minute
    Conveyor belt height:     Min 475 mm / Max 975 mm
    Voltage:     230 VFrequency:     50 – 60 Hz
    Power:     2200 W
    Dimensions:     1450 L x 607 W x 1555 H mm
    Machine weight:     300kg



Audion Packaging Machines are high quality European made packaging machines with a worldwide service network.

With Audion you have a choice of packaging machines that meet your production requirements. The extensive range of machines covers a large packaging need. Audion Elektro specialise in design and development and manufacture of packaging machinery for the high-end packaging industry. Audion Packaging Machines are sold worldwide and pack everything; from medical, industrial parts to food. Audion Elektro manufacture high quality products for every market, from industrial to retail, standard or custom made, Audion develop a solution for your packaging challenges. Not only for today, but also for the future.

Audion Packing Machines:

  • Table top heat sealers
  • Medical / pharmaceutical / high tech packaging
  • Vacuum packing
  • Automatic packaging
  • Shrink packaging
  • Rotary / Band sealers
  • Tray sealers
  • Packaging material – Consumables
  • Packaging machines for E-commerce
As well as producing standard machines, Audion are happy to provide bespoke models where required.

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