Termovac Vacuum Tray Sealer LVG600


Termovac Vacuum Tray Sealer LVG600

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The LAVEZZINI “TERMOVAC” range of two thermosealers; vacuum tray sealer is strongly recommended for all those small/medium businesses interested in vacuum packing products into trays. A complete working cycle follows three simple steps:

  • Creation of the vacuum inside the chamber: download phase
  • Idle gas injection for compensation: gas injection phase
  • Trays airproof sealing: sealing phase

These three steps are naturally put into execution by the thermosealer itself, which automatically stops at the end of the cycle.

Both models in the range are in the latest version, with the brand new pneumatic sealing by a 3 BAR piston and specific VACUUM-GAS sensor on the electronic board.

Vacuum Tray Sealer Model LVG 600 LCD
Dimensions (mm) 610x600X560 H
Max Tray size (mm) 265×325
Power 1800W
Operation automatic
Vacuum Pump Q = 20/24 m3/h-OIL
Controls Digital LCD + Vacuum sensor
Max Pressure 3/4 BAR
Voltage 230 V/50-60 Hz




Lavezzini have been manufacturing vacuum packing machines since 1983 and the aim is to supply customers with technologically advanced products. No matter if it concerns external suctions machines, vacuum packers with chamber or tray sealers: Lavezzini equipment can be a fundamental tool for any professional kitchen. Experience, innovation and technology are the milestones of "Lavezzini" group, one of the main manufacturers of vacuum packing machines worldwide.

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