Star Probe Type Vacuum Sealer

Star Probe Type Vacuum Sealer


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This is a bench mounted or free standing probe type vacuum sealer. With both jaws heated it can seal most modern barrier materials such as foils and nylon laminates up to 900mm in width. Manual and automatic vacuum clamp jaws are available with either solenoid or pneumatic sealing jaw operation.A range of vacuum pumps are available between 6 and 15m cube/hr. The vacuum cycle can be manual, automatically timed or programmed to a preset level. As the product is not placed inside a chamber there is no real limit to the maximum product length.

The machine can be finished in either powder coated mild steel or stainless steel for more corrosive environments.

Made in UK by Star, please contact PackSealer to confirm the Delivery of the Star 106 Vacuum Packer as these are not always stock items.


Star Universal

British made professional heat sealers. Please note that Star Universal heat sealers may have to be made to order and are not stocked by PACKSEALER. Please check with PACKSEALER for delivery information prior to ordering.


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