S106 Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer

S106 Professional Commercial Vacuum Sealer


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This is a bench mounted or free standing probe type external vacuum sealer.

If you are sealing modern barrier materials such as foils and nylon laminates up to 900mm in width this is the machine with both jaws heated.

Seal Length options    500mm    600mm    750mm    900mm

Seal Width 6mm standard.   Optional  2.5mm, 9mm, 12.5mm and 20mm

Manual and automatic vacuum clamp jaws are available with either solenoid or pneumatic sealing jaw operation. A range of vacuum pumps are available between 6 and 15m cube/hr. The vacuum cycle can be manual, automatically timed or programmed to a preset level. As your bag is not placed inside a chamber there is no real limit to the maximum product length.

External, nozzle or probe type vacuum sealers are ideal for larger plastic bags. These are more suitable for dry products but not for liquids.

This vacuum sealer can be finished in powder coated mild steel. Options include a support tray and gas flush.

For food or for more corrosive environments we can offer a stainless steel finish.

The Star 106 is available with four different seal cycle controllers:

The MkVI controller offers weld and cool control to the nearest 1/10th of a second and has a built in programme to help counteract the effects of heat build-up during frequent sealing. The MkVI C has weld and cool control to the nearest °C.  Adjustment can be made by the keypad with an LCD readout of the settings. The keys can also be locked to prevent unauthorised alteration.

The Star ARTICS controller and Medical controller are suitable where  more accurate controls are required, the also allow the element to ramp up to a weld temperature and be held for a time. Cooling time or temperature and element preheat are also included. This allows for a perfect weld to be achieved every cycle. All settings are password protected and the board allows up to 8 different sets of parameters to be programmed. Alarm parameters can be set to give operational tolerances; seal cycle data storage is available with a Medical controller.

Made in the United Kingdom by Star.

Please contact PackSealer to confirm the delivery time of the S106 VacPacker model as these are normally made to order.

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Star Universal

Star Universal British Heat Sealers

Star Universal manufacture heavy duty bag sealers, vacuum sealers and specialised industrial heat sealers in the UK. The range of Star Universal industrial heat sealers, sack sealers and vacuum sealers offers flexibility and reliability whether you are sealing polyethylene bags, medical pouches, laminate vacuum pouches or foil bags. The UK factory ensure the highest of standards and quality assured impulse heat sealers. Many sealers are built to order so it is worth checking first with PackSealer to confirm the availability and delivery lead time. Star Universal have been designing and manufacturing industrial heat sealers for over 40 years. They can produce custom and special purpose heat sealing machinery meeting client requirements across a wide range of industries. If you need a modification to one of the standard heat sealers or something more unusual, PackSealer will work with you and Star to produce a solution based on Star's proven heat sealing equipment. Quality and consistency of seal are the qualities of Star Universal heat sealing machines. Heat compensation technology helps every seal to be the same high standard, even during repeated cycling of the heat sealer. Star’s Mk.VI C, Medical and ARTICS controllers have a heat sensor inserted into the sealing jaws giving unrivalled control of sealing temperature.  Star also offer a fully validatable Medical sealer which has been approved by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Star Universal industrial bag sealers, sack sealers and vacuum sealers have a well-deserved reputation for durability and reliability. Full spares and service support for the range of bag sealing machines, direct from PackSealer. Please note that Star Universal heat sealers may have to be made to order and are not stocked by PACKSEALER. Please check with PACKSEALER for delivery information prior to ordering.


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