Mobile Clean Room Rental

Mobile Clean Room Rental

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Mobile Clean Room and specialist temperature control solutions for food, pharmaceutical, medical and aerospace applications.

Portable Walk In Cleanroom linked to an existing building providing an alternative option to the traditional internal ‘fit-out’ cleanroom market. When internal space is at a premium, a mobile clean room (MCR) can provide the solution; sited where space is created not necessarily where it needs to be.

Rent the modular design to address your challenges when you require a clean room for a limited timespan a single modular cleanroom solution can be upgraded or added to quickly. Cost effective solution for bringing a process in-house with our modular cleanroom rental complex.

Used in the medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aerospace, electronic and food and drink industries clean rooms are also instrumental in selected process manufacturing in the aerospace, military and other engineering sectors.

Mobile Clean Room (MCR’s)

  • Mobile / Portable
  • ISO Classes 9 to 4
  • Fully self-contained
  • Internally configured bespoke design
  • Temperature / humidity control
  • HEPA filtering
  • Antechamber / changing area
  • Interlocking doors

Services & products

  • Specialist Pharma Cold Store design from concept to completion
  • Rental Mobile CleanRooms (MCR’s) an innovative modular plug & play design; where restrictions on space & flexibility is key
  • Light intensity incubation growth chambers
  • Modular construction
  • Segregation rooms for product trials, R&D, packaging & small production runs
  • High quality pharmaceutical Cold Stores of bespoke design
  • Environmental simulation systems & climatic test chambers
  • Humidity & temperature control drying rooms & cabinets
  • Qualification, Validation & Compliance

Working with SiGumand Dawson Group offering complementary products & services; high quality, reliable, specialist temperature control solutions.

What are modular cleanrooms?

Modular Cleanrooms are controlled environments delivered finished, sited externally and linked to your existing facility where you want the cleanroom environment.

They come with a range of features and capabilities that are most often favoured by manufacturers and businesses conducting scientific research.

The features of Modular Mobile Clean rooms include:

  • Controlled Environments. Each module of our Modular Cleanrooms is capable of providing a controlled environment that helps to prevent contamination from dust or airborne microbes. This adds incredible cleanliness and is determined by the number of airborne particles within the air – specifically measuring particles larger than 0.5um per cubic metre of air, plus the number of air changes needed per hour.
  • Air Filtration Systems. We include the latest air filtration systems with our cleanrooms and ensure that your environment’s air is continually circulated and filtered, meaning there’s a lower level of internal pollutants.
  • Temperature & Humidity Control. Our modular cleanroom  is used in multiple industries and markets, which is why it’s important for us to include temperature and humidity control – allowing you to store and manufacture products at extremely low and high temperatures.
  • Data Logging Equipment. Due to the unique circumstances in which our modular cleanrooms are used, especially those within pharmaceutical or food-based industries, it’s important to offer data logging equipment. This comes as standard with all of our cleanrooms and provides complete traceability of your process.
  • Modular Complex. We offer our cleanrooms in modules as it allows our clients to add them to existing facilities and expand their operations. Plus, our portable walk-in Cleanrooms can easily be linked to the building externally, meaning you don’t have to compromise any internal space.

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Since the year 2000 Packsealer has offered an enormous range of heat sealers, vacuum sealers, rotary band sealers, and packaging equipment the Pack Sealer branded machines are a cost effective alternative to the European manufactured equipment. PackSealer heat sealers; impulse heat sealer, direct or constant heat sealers and band sealers plus all the necessary spare parts to maintain these sealers. The impulse sealers include the simple manually operated hand sealers and foot sealers where the jaws are closed manually so are suited for low volume applications and automatic foot switch operated sealers for medium volume applications.  The foot pedal and foot switch are also available as double heated elements for heavy duty bags and the vertical sealer is great for sealing liquids and large heavy sacks. For high volume the rotary band sealers are the Pack Sealer machines that should be considered. All these are manufactured in stainless steel and are a fraction of the Audion prices. Spare parts are stocked; element wires, Teflon (PTFE), silicon pressure pads, cutter blades and fuses.

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