Optimax C-Type Professional Heat Sealer


Optimax C-Type Professional Heat Sealer


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Professional Heat Sealers, High Quality, innovative Design. C-Type Impulse Heat Sealers offer the packaging professional the next generation of heat sealer technology. Ergonomically designed, the Orange C-Type range is perfect where fast, reliable heat sealing is required. Simple to operate, the Optimax / Hacona / Pro-Seal range are able to seal PE, PP, PA and PVC foil and also thinner double-coated materials. Easy to handle features include:• Adjustable sealing time for different films

• Sealing is closed manually

• Specially designed wire tension unit for consistent 2.5mm seal

• Integrated safety cutting knife

• 1 piece aluminium extrusions for added strength and safety

• No mechanical switches for optimum reliability

• Orange Painted Finish


OC220   Optimax Professional Heat Sealer 220mm Seal Length with Cutter

OC320   Optimax Professional Heat Sealer 320mm Seal Length with Cutter

OC420   Optimax Professional Heat Sealer 420mm Seal Length with Cutter

OC620   Optimax Professional Heat Sealer 620mm Seal Length with Cutter

OC820   Optimax Professional Heat Sealer 820mm Seal Length with Cutter



Optimax offer a number of high quality heat sealers, divided into three distinct ranges, PacSeal, ProSeal and OptiSeal. Each product range satisfies varying application criteria, based upon light, medium and heavy duty for both frequent and occasional use.


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