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Durable, Heavy Duty Industrial Heat Sealer. Optimax Industrial Impulse Heat Sealers offer the ultimate in heat sealing technology. Unsurpassed Optimaxl quality including an integrated magnetic sealing head offers an incredible 5mm heavy duty seal.

Simple to operate, the Optimax range are able to seal PE, PP, PA and PVC film and also thinner double-coated materials and offers adjustable sealing and cooling times.

Advantages of the Hacona / Optimax Heavy Duty Industrial Heat Sealer Machines

• Easy use and operation

• Wide range of applications

• Automatic impulse sealing operated by hand or foot pedal (Stand and Foot pedal at additional cost)

• Integrated sealing magnet

• Separate, electronically adjustable sealing and cooling time

• Opening of the sealing bar is controlled by gas spring

• Integrated sealing wire stretching unit

• Adjustable work table (additional cost)

• Useable for closing and producing pouches and bags

• Integrated safety cutting knife

• Sealing wire 5mm wide

OS420   – 420mm with cutter

OS620   – 620mm with cutter

OS820   – 820mm with cutter

OS1020 – 1020mm with cutter


  • Work Stand with Film Unroller and Foot Pedal
  • Work Support Table and Bag Support
  • Spares Kits




Optimax offer a number of high quality heat sealers, divided into three distinct ranges, PacSeal, ProSeal and OptiSeal. Each product range satisfies varying application criteria, based upon light, medium and heavy duty for both frequent and occasional use.


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