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Heat Sealer With Cutter

Heat sealers with built-in cutter knives are ideal for people wishing to produce bags of differing sizes. To use a heat sealer with a cutter, you simply need to measure the material that you are using to size, eliminating any excess material by closing the jaw and sliding the blade across. Heat sealers with cutters come in many different forms, and the wide range of products available means you shouldn’t ever struggle to find a solution that meets your specific preferences and requirements perfectly.


Why Buy a Heat Sealer With Cutter?

Heat sealers with cutters are available in various sealing widths, with some of the most commonly-used products offering widths of 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm. They are designed to suit anyone seeking a swift and efficient heat sealing solution and allow you to make a custom bag from roll stock in just two simple steps and for trimming the top of oversized bags. There are many solutions on the market for those on a tight budget as well as companies and individuals with more to spend. If you regularly find yourself needing to create bags of varying sizes, a heat sealer with cutter could be the ideal solution.


What to Expect From a Sealer

Let’s quickly take a look at an example of an industry-leading heat sealer with cutter. Audion is one of the market’s most popular designers and manufacturers of heat sealers, including sealers with cutters; ECO, Seal Kid and Magneta Impulse Heat Sealers with Cutters. At Packsealer, we frequently offer highly-competitive deals on heat sealers, so you can save a substantial sum of cash. The sealers we offer are simple to operate and maintain. We also stock cutters from a variety of other reputable brands including Hulme Martin, Star Universal and Optimax, as well as manufacturing our own solutions such as the Packsealer PSH302C 300mm Hand Impulse Sealer with Cutter.


Seal and Cut

By fitting a round wire element to your hand operated sealer it is possible to seal thin plastic bags and cut in one operation, the round wire heats up and melts through the bag and by pulling the bag the cut is made leaving no excess above the seal.  Round wires are available as spare parts that can be fitted to most PackSealer hand sealers. 


Flying Blade

For an automated cutter Star Universal offer an option on their Star 96 machine that has a flying blade that automatically cuts the bag above the seal in one operation.


Packsealer Solutions

At Packsealer, we offer a wide variety of heat sealers with cutters, catering for customers and clients across the UK. We can offer everything from industrial sealers to hand-held and table top sealers, and we are always on hand to provide you with guidance if you need help identifying the right products for your requirements.


For further information, use the contact form on our site, call 0844 88 45 455 / 0121 572 9423 or send an e-mail to